Join us for a weekend of breakout sessions, networking with some amazing developers, and of course the chance to work with some cool new tools in both VR and AR.


Don't have an idea? No sweat, Hugh Seaton will lead an ideation that'll be fun, painless and get you to a great idea quickly.

Don't have a team? Again no sweat, the ideation process is also where you can find teams of people stoked about the same idea. 

Don't want to be in a team? There are no set team sizes - teams of one or twenty are fine.

Don't know how to create VR? You'll find plenty of folks that are awesome VR developers, so bring your ideas, your talent, and your excitement.

Friday is free to attend, so join us and decide on the spot!

NY Media Lab is giving us tickets to their annual summit for the top 2 teams!

Winners will be featured at the upcoming NYVR Expo in October - so come, join us and win fame!

We will feature three tracks:

1. VR/AR Open - this is intentionally broad so you can follow your heart's desire for a killer weekend project.

2. VR/AR + AI - how are you combining Immersive Tech with AI to create great experiences? 

3. WebVR, WebAR - create something amazing for web-based distribution! 

Schedule will be:

Friday, Sept. 22 (Tickets not required, free meetup registration required for building entry)

6:30 pm - kickoff. Talks from Justin Hendrix, Samsung, IBM.

7:30 pm - Team formation/ideation

11:00 pm - Doors close

Saturday, Sept. 23rd (tickets required for entry)

8:00 am - Doors open, breakfast

9:30 am - Second team formation if necessary

10:00 am - Breakout session

11:00 am - Breakout session

12:00 pm - Lunch

1:00 pm - Breakout session

2:00 pm - Breakout session

6:30 pm - Dinner

Overnight hacking encouraged!

Sunday, Sept. 24th

8:00 am - Doors open, breakfast

12:00 pm - Lunch

2:00 pm - Presentations

3:30 pm - Awards

4:30 pm - Event ends


Everyone is eligible.

Attendees under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


All projects MUST be entered into Devpost by 2pm on Sept. 24th.

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Mike Kobar

Mike Kobar
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Judging Criteria

  • Idea
    Was this a smart hack? Did you come up with a great approach to a problem?
  • Technical
    How good was the technical execution? did it work?
  • Difficulty
    Was this hard?
  • Design
    How was the UX?

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